Historically, Emergency Data Management was simply keeping records, to be used for historical analysis.
911Data has modernized record keeping using lightning-fast, no-sql technology and incorporated validation logic to satisfy even the most demanding of regulators.  Then we've added preparation components to gather critical information in advance of an emergency call, and made this critical information available during every response.  911Data has transformed traditional RMS history, into data that is relevant in
the past, the present, and the future.


         Between continuous training and equipment maintenance, ‘ready’ is the intended state for fire fighters and all emergency responders. 911Data adds data to the state of ‘ready’, with intuitive tools to:

      initialize location information with available Government Data (eg MPAC)

      add Inspection information to a location, for both scheduled and adhoc inspections

      store Pre-Plan strategies for a location


       When responding to an emergency incident, the ‘ready data’ needs to be readily available. 911Data is committed to integration with Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) suppliers to get ‘ready data’ to responding staff while en-route. And if your MDT supplier is not yet able to receive the ‘ready data’, your Dispatch Staff can deliver it manually.


       Extraordinary response to an emergency is quickly forgotten when the next emergency arises. Unless it is properly memorialized. 911Data keeps meaningful history by:

      providing comprehensive call completion tools

      adding sophisticated logic to ensure that government reporting (OFM) is satisfied

      adding Business   Analytic  logic and to present Response History in a format that captures both the speed and volume of responses; and answers the questions common to many politicians